September 26, 2023

CPNS Selection Cheating Is More Sophisticated, Formerly Jockeys Now Use Remote Access

The State Civil Service Agency (BKN) claims to have succeeded in restoring deleted surveillance camera recordings at one of the basic competency selection test locations (SKD) for Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) in Buol Regency, Central Sulawesi. Berita politik The footage shows the perpetrator installing a remote access application on one of the computers, making the […]

Vladimir Putin Dislikes ‘Cancel Culture’, Equates It With Intolerance

Vladimir Putin is suspected of plotting the assassination of his political enemy. Russia’s ‘Eternal President’ has also jailed journalists who criticize his style of government. But now, he is worried about the “cancel culture” which is becoming more and more common. “Racism must be fought, but the ‘cancel culture’ in modern times has turned into […]

China’s Ministry of Commerce Plans to Withdraw Foreign Capital

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has issued a plan to use foreign direct investment (FDI) in the period of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025). Berita politik “China will continue to promote a high degree of openness to attract high-quality global resources,” the MOC said, quoted by the China Daily, Monday, October 25, 2021. It also […]

Depok City Government Seals Ahmadiyah Mosque in Sawangan, Congregation Survive

The team handling the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation in Depok City sealed the mosque on Jalan Mochtar, Sawangan, Depok, Friday (22/10). They state sealing is based on a number of rules. Read More: ANIES SAYS FLOODS ARE DIFFICULT TO PREDICT NOW, PDIP: THIS IS AN EFFORT TO GET RID OF A GOVERNOR WHO DOESN’T TAKE FLOODS […]

Anies Says Floods Are Difficult To Predict Now, PDIP: This Is An Effort To Get Rid Of A Governor Who Doesn’t Take Floods Seriously

Some time ago, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan said that it is difficult to predict the rain that causes flooding at this time due to climate change. This has drawn criticism from the PDI-P. Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta PDIP DPD Ronny Talapessy considered the remarks to be just a form of […]

BMKG: There were 3 aftershocks in Bali after a magnitude 4.8 earthquake

An earthquake measuring 4.8 magnitude rocked Karangasem, Bali and its surroundings. Apart from destroying a number of houses and causing landslides, three aftershocks have been recorded. Berita politik “As of 7.30 WIB this morning, the results of BMKG monitoring showed that there were 3 aftershock activities of magnitude 3.8 (felt in Karangasem III MMI), magnitude […]

Novel Baswedan Releases YouTube Account, Will Discuss Corruption Issues to Investigation

Former senior KPK investigator Novel Baswedan introduced his YouTube account. The channel, named ‘Novel Baswedan’, has uploaded its first video. The content discusses the purpose of him creating a YouTube account. Berita politik “I have created an official channel on behalf of Novel Baswedan, with this channel I would like to share about many things, […]

Being a victim of a billion-dollar scam, Tamara Bleszynski sobs at the Criminal Investigation Department

Artist Tamara Bleszynski went to the Criminal Investigation Police. He wanted to report a fraud case he had experienced for a dozen years. The film star sobbed when he was told what had happened. He wants to get justice by complaining to the police. “I want to thank all my friends, my family as well […]

AJI Criticizes East Luwu Police for Labeling “Three Children Raped” News Hoax

Aliansi Jurnalis Independen Indonesia (AJI) menyoroti akun Instagram Polres Luwu Timur yang menyebut laporan menyesatkan tentang kasus pelecehan seksual tiga anak oleh ayah kandung. Lebih lanjut, AJI Indonesia juga menyayangkan diretasnya laman karena kembali mengangkat kasus pada 9 September 2019. Berita politik Presiden AJI Indonesia Sasmito Madrim mengatakan serangan itu bisa dipastikan ketika dibanjiri […]

The Pandora Papers Document Explodes the Treasures of State Officials, alludes to President Putin

Dokumen keuangan rahasia para pemimpin dunia bocor dan diberitakan oleh surat kabar berbagai negara, Minggu (3/10/2021). Isi dokumen yang disebut Pandora Papers itu menyebutkan beberapa kekayaan para pemimpin dunia, antara lain Raja Abdullah dari Yordania, Perdana Menteri Ceko Andrei Babis, dan Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin. Berita politik Pelepasan lebih dari 11,9 juta keping data dengan […]