March 23, 2023

After the viral homecoming invitation video, the man from Aceh was secured by the police

The police finally arrested a man from Banda Aceh with the initials W, who allegedly created the content of the invitation to go home viral on social media. The man has been questioned regarding the motive for the invitation to fight the homecoming barrier he made.

The information gathered by MPI was that W was picked up at his house at around 18.30 WIB, Sunday (9/5/2021). W, who was strongly suspected of being the man in the video, was secured by the Aceh Police Ditreskrimsus Cyber ​​Team. Berita politik

The arrest was confirmed by the Head of Criminal and Criminal Investigation Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto. According to him, W was arrested after the video caught by the virtual police. The video is considered to call for an invitation to oppose government policies, related to the ban on going home.

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The police’s pick-up of W was also circulating on social media. Several Instagram accounts uploaded the video of the capture. W was seen being picked up by several police officers in plain clothes. At that time W was wearing a white robe. Berita hari ini

Previously, in the video circulating, the man with the initials W was sitting in the car holding a child who was thought to be his son. In the second seat, there was also a child passenger.

At that time, W Gang was wearing a white shirt, creating solicitous content. “To all my brothers and sisters who are going back and forth wherever you are, keep going home. Must be together, enliven the place of blockages.

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“Opponents, break through them, go home, meet parents, meet your mother, meet your father, meet your child, meet your relatives. Ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT, ask for willingness, ask for the favor of both parents. Never be afraid of the demonic demon regime that has been controlled. communists. They work for the communists, “he said in the 1 minute 22 second video. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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