September 26, 2023

Anies Says Floods Are Difficult To Predict Now, PDIP: This Is An Effort To Get Rid Of A Governor Who Doesn’t Take Floods Seriously

Some time ago, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan said that it is difficult to predict the rain that causes flooding at this time due to climate change.

This has drawn criticism from the PDI-P. Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta PDIP DPD Ronny Talapessy considered the remarks to be just a form of diversion. Ronny said Anies was not serious about responding to the Jakarta floods.

“This looks to me like the latest effort by a governor who is not serious about dealing with floods in Jakarta. Anies has prepared a scapegoat long ago,” said Ronny in his statement, Monday, October 18.

Ronny also regretted Anies who said that Jakarta would be flooded if the rainfall was above 100 millimeters per day. Anies’ words are considered disappointing to the public.

In fact, said Ronny, residents of the capital city need Anies’ work in dealing with floods in a concrete way, instead of highlighting the calculation of rainfall that falls during the rainy season.

“The question is, why measure rainfall if the drainage is not optimally addressed? The public did not hear about this from Pak Anies,” he said. Berita politik

He also questioned the current flood control program that is not optimal. For example, infiltration wells are still far from Anies’ target since the beginning of his term of office until now. Then, normalization or naturalization of rivers that are still struggling in the process of land acquisition.


“From the beginning, Mr. Anies likes to theorize about rain, but there is no solution. The infiltration well which is his theory and program has not continued until now. The theory of naturalization of rivers, following examples from abroad, does not exist,” he said. Berita hari ini

When leading a preparedness meeting for the rainy season in Jakarta on Wednesday, October 13, Anies admitted that the potential for flooding this year is difficult or even unpredictable as before.

“Regarding predictions, yes. With global warming that is now happening with climate change that is being experienced throughout the world, rain no longer has a predictable pattern like before. So, it often rains briefly but the volume of water that falls is extreme,” said Anies.

The former Minister of Education and Culture also revealed that Jakarta would be flooded if the rainfall was above 100 millimeters in a day. This is because the drainage system in Jakarta is designed to only accommodate 100 mm of rain per day. Berita Terkini

“Our capacity is 100mm per day. If the rain is evenly distributed for 24 hours, then our system can accommodate it. But if it fell like yesterday, 370 millimeters fell in 5 hours, then you can imagine the volume of water that fell in a very short time. That’s extreme ,” said Anies. Vitamin dan Suplemen

“Well, this is what causes climate change which makes it impossible for us to determine which points will occur because the rain can occur in extreme places in various locations,” he continued.

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