September 29, 2023

Attorney Rizieq: Why is it suspected of killing not being detained?

Three members of Polda Metro Jaya have been named as suspects in cases of human rights violations from the deaths of four FPI Laskar on the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road. But for the two suspects, one in three died in the accident, the police have not made any arrests.

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Attorney Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS), Aziz Yanuar, also pointedly insinuated that the police did not arrest two suspects in the unlawful killing case against the FPI army. Aziz considers this to further strengthen the assumption of injustice accepted by HRS. Berita politik

“Of course it is very unfortunate, how come it shows an impression of injustice in this country,” Aziz told reporters, Wednesday (7/4).

Aziz asked the police to compare the HRS case with the shooting. He wondered why the police detained HRS, whose cases were smaller. Berita hari ini

“Prokes (cases) are detained, allegedly killing is not detained. This is how the law in this Republic is,” complained Aziz.

Aziz finds it difficult to believe in the enforcement of the law. He also insinuated that the health protocol case was more dangerous than the FPI paramilitary murder case. “Is prokes more dangerous than killing?” said Aziz.

The Head of the Advocacy Team for the Murder of Six Laskar FPI Members, Muhammad Hariadi Nasution, also questioned the reason for the police to keep the identity or initials of members of Polda Metro Jaya being dragged into cases of alleged unlawful killings. According to him, this happened because he was afraid that the perpetrator would reveal the name of the commander who gave the order to kill six FPI troops. Berita Terkini

“The reason why their identity has not been disclosed until now is one of them because they are afraid that the perpetrator will reveal the name of the commander who gave the order. Of course the field actors do not want to be sacrificed. source of income, “he said when contacted by Republika, Wednesday (7/4).

Then, he continued, if the field actors later explained everything in full in court about the commander’s order, then of course all scenarios of the systematic plot of murder would be uncovered. Therefore, the masterminds and intellectual actors behind the scenario of the murder of the six laskar still do not want to reveal who the perpetrators are. Vitamin dan Suplemen

“Maybe it is still not a deal and it is not certain that the party sacrificed will not open a voice on the command received,” he said.

He added that the real culprit must have been a low-ranking police in Polda. However, there is a team of executors outside Polda whose authority is greater. And the perpetrators who come from outside the Polda are very powerful. So that it is able to inhibit the completion of the six paramilitary murder cases.

“They can kill and feel they have the authority, let alone just stop the case. This is because the real perpetrators can even turn into any legal case that is deemed to hinder their interests. So, you can imagine how much power these real perpetrators have,” he said.

He admitted that he would continue to guard and wait for the police until the case was investigated completely. “We will continue to wait until truth and justice are served,” he said.

Bareskrim Polri investigators have raised the reported status of three members of Polda Metro Jaya as suspects in the alleged extrajudicial killings of FPI members that occurred at KM 50, Cikampek toll road. Determination of the suspect is based on the results of the case title carried out last Thursday (1/4).

“The conclusion from the title of the case being carried out is that the status of the reported person is raised to a suspect,” said Head of the Public Information Bureau of the National Police Headquarters Brig.

Rusdi said the conclusion was obtained from the results of the case title conducted by the Police Criminal Investigation Unit on Thursday (1/4). Of the three suspects, continued Rudi, because one of them had passed away, namely by the initials EPZ, the investigation was stopped in accordance with Article 109 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

“There is one reported person whose initials EPZ died, based on Article 109 of the Criminal Procedure Code, because the person concerned died, the investigation was immediately stopped,” said Rusdi.

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