September 26, 2023

Barbados Becomes Republic, Fires Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State

Barbados will declare itself a republic next week after hundreds of years of ties to the British Commonwealth. At the same time, Barbados will sack Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

“This will be the end of the story of colonial exploitation of mind and body,” said Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, a Barbados historian. Berita politik

Sir Hilary said the events of next week will be a historic moment for Barbados, the Caribbean and all post-colonial societies.

“The inhabitants of this [Caribbean] island have fought, not only for freedom and justice, but to escape the tyranny of imperial and colonial authority,” added Beckles, vice chancellor of The University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica.


Barbados’ move to sever ties with the British monarchy is nearly 30 years from Mauritius’ self-proclaimed republic but still in the Commonwealth. Mauritius is known to be located on one of the islands in the Indian Ocean. Berita Terkini

Barbados has been tied to the Commonwealth since British ships first anchored on the Caribbean island 400 years ago.

The Commonwealth is an association of mostly former British colonies, home to 2.5 billion people.

In addition to Barbados, the Commonwealth consists of 54 countries in Africa, Asia, America, Europe and the Pacific which are chaired by Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. Berita hari ini

The members of the Commonwealth include the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, India, Malaysia, Brunei, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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