May 28, 2023

Being a victim of a billion-dollar scam, Tamara Bleszynski sobs at the Criminal Investigation Department

Artist Tamara Bleszynski went to the Criminal Investigation Police. He wanted to report a fraud case he had experienced for a dozen years.

The film star sobbed when he was told what had happened. He wants to get justice by complaining to the police.

“I want to thank all my friends, my family as well who have prayed. I hope I can get justice,” said Tamara while tearing up at the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit, South Jakarta, Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Berita politik

Tamara admitted that she couldn’t do anything about it, just complained to the police to solve the fraud case by legal means. He suffered a dozen years as a result of that fraud.


“I am very sad that I have no other way but to ask the state. Hopefully, please help me pray, may justice be on my side,” said Tamara Bleszynski sobbing. Berita hari ini

Tamara Bleszynski has not been able to reveal the chronology of the fraud. He hopes the parties involved in the fraud will be exposed.

Tamara’s lawyer, T Djohansyah, said his client was experiencing business fraud. However, he did not want to reveal the form of fraud.

“When the time comes, we will convey it at a press conference,” said Djohansyah.

Djohansyah said that due to the fraud, his client suffered a loss of tens of billions. Tamara reported the case for the police to investigate. Berita Terkini

However, the report has not been received by the Criminal Investigation Police investigator. Investigators assessed that the artist’s report was incomplete.

“Investigators are still helping, asking us to fulfill the related documents. We are still a little bit more working to find this justice. Hopefully it will be fulfilled soon,” said Djohansyah.

Tamara made a report around 13.00 WIB. He came out at 5:31 pm. The soap opera actor was accompanied by a number of lawyers. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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