September 29, 2023

Covid-19 Task Force: 3 Provinces Experience an Upward Trend of Positive Cases

Juru Bicara Satgas COVID-19 Wiku Adisasmito,  Satgas Covid-19 ingatkan masyarakat tetap tidak abai protokol kesehatan.

Spokesperson for the Government for Handling Covid-19, Wiku Adisasmito, said that there were three provinces that showed an increasing trend of Covid-19 cases this week. The three provinces are West Java, Gorontalo, and North Maluku. Berita politik

In addition, in the previous week, the Task Force noted that there were six provinces that also experienced an increase in cases, namely Bengkulu, Lampung, DIY, Banten, West Sulawesi and Papua.

“This needs to be anticipated and evaluated so that it does not increase again in the following week,” said Wiku during a press conference, Tuesday (2/11). Berita Terkini


He also emphasized the importance of continuing to monitor community movements and activities ahead of the Christmas and New Year period. In addition, it is important to continue to improve and expand vaccination coverage to build community immunity so that it can provide maximum protection.

“However, it must be remembered that vaccination alone is not enough to suppress transmission,” he added.

Countries with full-dose vaccination coverage can still experience an increase in cases due to lax health protocol discipline, especially the use of masks. Berita hari ini

This has happened in several countries such as Australia and Singapore where more than 60 percent of the population has been vaccinated with the full dose. Covid-19 cases in the two countries immediately increased sharply when activities were opened, which was also caused by the Delta variant.

“This indicates that very strict restrictions on mobility and increasing vaccination coverage are not the only solution to suppress cases. Countries that have done both, in fact, can still increase their cases because of community activities that are not in line with the discipline of health protocols,” he explained.

Therefore, Wiku asked the entire community to apply extra health protocol discipline in the midst of social activities that have started to return to normal. So hopefully it won’t cause re-infection.

He also emphasized that the improvement in the pandemic situation in Indonesia is expected to support the economic recovery process. Vitamin dan Suplemen

“Discipline of health protocols is our main capital to support economic recovery and carry out social activities towards the end of the year period and in the new year of 2022,” he said.

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