September 29, 2023

Inaugurate Soekarno, Megawati Statue: Don’t Forget History, Respect the Heroes

Chairperson of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) Megawati Soekarnoputri said that the Indonesian people should strive to realize the ideals of the nation’s founders and remember the services of heroes. Berita politik

This was conveyed by him in the agenda of the inauguration of the statue of the Proclaimer of the Republic of Indonesia which was built by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) in Semarang City, Central Java.

“It is true that he is my biological father. However, he is also my ideological father as a citizen of the nation,” said Megawati during the inauguration procession, Wednesday (29/9/2021).

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Megawati also told the life history of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia and the fathers of the nation with PT KAI who financed the construction of the Bung Karno statue. Berita hari ini

He said, in early 1946, it was the train that brought Soekarno’s entourage and the nation’s leaders at that time, to move to Yogyakarta, amidst the terror of the colonial troops.

In addition, Bung Karno had also been an employee at a railroad company that was still controlled by the Dutch. In fact, the role of railway employees in the republican arena was conveyed by Bung Karno in a rhyme. Delivered during the celebration of the decade of the National Railway Company (PNKA) on September 28, 1965.

“The sound is who said I was from Tegal, I was from Majalengka, who said our revolution failed because we have PNKA,” he said.

On behalf of the family, Megawati expressed her great gratitude to PT KAI for building the Bung Karno statue.

“Once again, thank you very much and I say bismillahirohmanirohim, then the inauguration of the statue of Ir Soekarno at the Tawang Semarang station polder is officially opened,” he said. Berita Terkini

He believes the presence of the statue further strengthens the vibration of the presence of the Son of the Dawn in the community.

It is hoped that the Indonesian people will continue to strive to realize the ideals of the nation’s founders, namely Greater Indonesia, which is sovereign in the political field, independent in the economic field, and has a personality in culture.

For information, the Bung Karno statue which was inaugurated was part of the work on structuring the Tawang station area, Kota Lama Area, Semarang. Vitamin dan Suplemen

One work is the Bung Karno statue plaza, the other two are the construction of a station mosque that can accommodate 1,000 worshipers and the construction of gate-in/gate-out.

The Bung Karno statue itself was made by Artist I Nyoman Nuarta as high as 14 meters.

The location is surrounded by water because it was built on a polder located in the Tawang Station area. It is predicted that this statue will become the tallest Bung Karno statue in the world.

On that occasion, Megawati also seemed unable to hide her emotions. He was seen sobbing many times while giving a speech at the inauguration.

He said that Bung Karno had once stated that real heroes did not want credit for their services.

However, he hopes that the Bung Karno statue is considered a legacy, not just a statue, but knowledge of the hero’s services must be known and continue to be lived.

“We know that roses spread their smell without mentioning their names, but they smell good. Therefore, a nation that knows how to respect its heroes can become a great nation. Therefore, don’t forget history and respect our heroes,” he said.

According to him, the existence of the Bung Karno statue and the Heroes Cemetery (TMP) is also a reminder and at the same time proof of Indonesia’s independence, not the result of the colonial gift. But thanks to the struggle and hard work of the heroes.

“In all countries, they always have a founding father. If that’s the right way to seize independence, it’s not given,” said the fifth president.

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