September 29, 2023

Jokowi Asks For Guidelines for Interpretation of Articles of the ITE Law, This Is Kominfo’s Response

President Joko Widodo has mentioned an option to revise the Law on Electronic Information and Transactions (UU ITE). This is done so that the implementation of the ITE Law runs fairly.

Therefore, Jokowi asked the Indonesian National Police to formulate guidelines for official interpretation of articles in the ITE Law. The National Police Chief was also instructed by Jokowi to increase supervision of the implementation of the Law in a more consistent, accountable and just manner. Berita politik

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In response to this, the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate, stated that his party would support the efforts of government agencies to clarify the interpretation of several articles of the ITE Law. “Kominfo supports the Supreme Court, the Police, the Attorney General’s Office and related Ministries / Agencies in making official interpretation guidelines of the ITE Law to make it clearer in interpretation,” said Johnny in an official statement, Wednesday (17/2). Berita hari ini

According to Johnny, the ITE Law actually has “DNA” to protect the digital space in Indonesia so that it is cleaner, healthier, ethical, and can be used comfortably by the whole community. Thus, the principle of justice must always be applied in the implementation of the ITE Law in real life, so that it is not used by many parties.

To avoid this in the future, Johnny revealed that the government will be more selective in receiving reports that use the ITE Law as its legal basis. “The government will be more selective in responding to and accepting reports of violations of the ITE Law and articles that can cause multiple interpretations to be interpreted carefully,” he said. Berita Terkini

It should be noted beforehand, the government together with the DPR RI itself has revised the ITE Law in 2016, referring to several decisions of the Constitutional Court (MK). However, if there is additional direction from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to revise the ITE Law on the basis of its unfair implementation, then he is ready to support this step.

“The efforts above are continuously carried out and optimized by the Government,” he concluded. “However, if along the way they still cannot provide a sense of justice, then the possibility of revision of the ITE Law is also open, we support it according to the direction of the President.” Vitamin dan Suplemen

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