September 29, 2023

Komika Kiky Roasting Anies: Called Ahok to Waterbending Avatar

DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan received roasting from comic Kiky Saputri. Even though he received a roast from Kiky, Anies said he was satisfied and did not hesitate to accept another roast from Kiky. Berita politik

“Satisfied! You can often,” wrote Anies on the Twitter account @aniesbaswedan while uploading a photo of him taking a selfie with Kiky, Wednesday (10/11).


Roasting is a series of jokes made by comedians with the aim of making fun of and laughing at the audience or other people who are targeted. Berita Terkini

Kiky roasted Anies in the program “Lapor Pak” which aired on Trans7, Tuesday night (9/11).

During the roasting, Kiky made various jokes to Anies. One of them was when Kiky praised Anies, but greeted him as Ahok.

“We have an extraordinary guest. A governor, a great leader. Please applaud Mr. Ahok,” said Kiky, which immediately sparked laughter. Berita hari ini

Kiky also briefly quipped Anies about the implementation of Formula E.

“I’m very happy to meet Mr. Anies today. If you meet the Governor, it can’t be like meeting ordinary people. The greeting is different. If you meet Mr. Andika, how are your family? Mr. Wendi, how are the children? Mr. Anies, how are you Formula E?” said Kiky who was warmly welcomed by the audience.

Receiving the question, Anies then smiled. He then replied to the joke that Kiky was not invited to watch Formula E.

Not only that, Kiky also had time to roast Anies about the Jakarta flood. He joked that so far people have been wrong about blaspheming Anies because of the flood problem. Vitamin dan Suplemen

“But Mr. Anies, I don’t agree with this. Because many people blaspheme. In the eyes of the people, Mr. Anies is always wrong, especially about floods, even though we know that floods existed before Mr. Anies was governor,” said Kiky.

“Mr. Anies’s flood was wrong, Mr. Anies’s flood was wrong, until Mr. Anies was upset and he made a statement, the flood could recede in one day and the rain could be controlled. Now I know, Mr. Anies is not a governor, but a water controller avatar,” he added.

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