September 29, 2023

Military observers said that the budget for weapons purchases reached Rp 1,760 trillion

Defense and military observer Connie Rahakundini Bakrie responded to the plan to purchase the Defense and Security Equipment Tool (Alpalhankam).

Previously there was a draft Presidential Regulation that budgeted a budget of US$ 124.99 billion. The budget is included in the 2020-2044 strategic plan. Berita politik

“A budget of this size, if we turn it into 1.760 trillion, what do we want to buy, where do we want to go to war, what defense equipment do we want to build,” Connie said in an interview on one of the Youtube accounts confirmed, Sunday (30 / 5).

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Connie regretted that the purchase plan was not well prepared. This is because he said the three-dimensional TNI Assistant for Planning and Budget did not know the use of the budget. Berita hari ini

The use of the TNI budget is required based on the needs of the three dimensions. This is because the squadron commander is the party who best knows the condition of the main weapon system equipment (Alutsista) and the challenges ahead.

“Procurement of Alpalhankam or Alutsista should be bottom up,” said Connie.

For information, based on the draft Presidential Regulation received by, the budget is used for various things. Among other things, US $ 79.09 billion was used for the acquisition of Alpahankam.

In addition, there are fixed financing needs for 5 strategic plans amounting to US$ 13.39 billion. As well as the budget for contingency funds, maintenance and maintenance of US $ 32.5 billion. Berita Terkini

Of the budget, US$ 20.74 billion has been included in the list of special medium-term foreign loan plans for 2020-2024. Meanwhile, the remaining US$ 104.24 billion will be fulfilled in the 2020-2024 strategic plan. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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