September 29, 2023

Novel Baswedan Releases YouTube Account, Will Discuss Corruption Issues to Investigation

Former senior KPK investigator Novel Baswedan introduced his YouTube account. The channel, named ‘Novel Baswedan’, has uploaded its first video. The content discusses the purpose of him creating a YouTube account. Berita politik

“I have created an official channel on behalf of Novel Baswedan, with this channel I would like to share about many things, especially matters related to anti-corruption, matters relating to my experience, knowledge, and of course other things as a result of sharing with other committed people. knowledge and integrity,” said Novel in the first video, Thursday (14/10).


The novel tells the background of creating the YouTube channel. He wants a more massive channel to discuss law enforcement and anti-corruption. Because, he said, sometimes these kinds of issues don’t get enough space in both social and mainstream media. Berita hari ini

“I want there to be a wider, more massive effort related to supporting attention related to anti-corruption. This opportunity is used to talk about anti-corruption, investigation, integrity, and many other things that are discussed on this channel,” he said.

So why only now?

Novel said that currently there is only time where he can focus on social media. Because, previously he was busy as a KPK investigator who handled many cases.

Since September 30, 2021, Novel is no longer working at the KPK. He was removed with the National Insight Test (TWK) which was assessed by the Ombudsman and the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission as problematic. Berita Terkini

“I recently quit the KPK by being dismissed by violating the law, illegally, etc. There are many issues there that are reported in the media,” he said.

“This opportunity that I am not at the KPK is what makes me more free and not bound by the ethical rules at the KPK so that I can speak in freer forums and that is all, hopefully it will bring benefits,” continued Novel.

At the end of his first video, he discusses a series of attacks against him while working as an investigator at the KPK. One of the worst was the pouring of hard water which blinded Novel’s left eye.

Through this YouTube channel, he also brings messages about eradicating corruption and law enforcement that must not be stopped. Vitamin dan Suplemen

“The important thing I want to convey is that you may blind my eyes, but the struggle to eradicate corruption must continue, because the law is never blind,” concluded Novel.

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