September 26, 2023

Often Appears Luxurious, Finally Found Out, This Is Bahar Smith’s Side Business, It Turns Out

Habib Bahar bin Smith’s attorney, Ichwan Tuankotta, said that his client has a number of businesses that he has been in for a long time. The business is Bahar’s side job apart from giving lectures.


This was conveyed by Ichwan Tuankotta, answering questions about Habib Bahar’s appearance, which often looks luxurious on various occasions. The controversial speaker was once caught on camera driving a luxury sports car. The car he drives changes frequently. Like the golden Ferrari he was riding when he was released from prison some time ago. Berita Terkini

Not only vehicles, Bahar’s way of dressing also tends to be luxurious, such as the Louis Vuitton T-shirt he wore in the video soaking in the Jacuzzi. The video went viral a few days ago. Berita politik

“He has a lot of business,” said Ichwan when confirmed Wednesday (12/22/2021).

Ichwan detailed that one of Bahar bin Smith’s businesses was selling water, not just water, he said the water had been prayed for by the Manado speaker. He explained that the business was run at Bahar’s Islamic boarding school, namely Tajul Alawiyyin, Bogor Regency, West Java. Berita hari ini

“(One of them) is the water business, the water that has oxy in it, what percentage. Not refill. So he also prayed for the water. It is in his cottage that he has a water business, other businesses,” he said.

In addition to the water business that has been prayed for, Ichwan said, Bahar also has several other businesses, such as a basic food shop located in the Bogor area, West Java. It is not stated how many basic food shops Bahar owns.

“He also has a shop. He sells basic necessities. In the Bogor area,” he said. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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