September 26, 2023

PPKM Level 3 Canceled, Sultan Says There’s No Reason for DIY to Close Tourist Attractions

The Yogyakarta Special Region Government (DIY) will continue to open its tourist gates according to the regulations for the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) during the Christmas and New Year 2022 periods. Berita Terkini

The decision was conveyed by the Governor of DIY Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X following the cancellation of the implementation of PPKM level 3 in all provinces at the end of the year.


“Stay open, there is no reason to close. If it is closed we will return to level 3 itself,” said the Sultan at the Kepatihan Complex, Yogyakarta City, Thursday (9/12).

However, the Sultan asked all tourism industry players, including hotels and travel agencies, as well as residents to continue to tighten the implementation of health protocols ahead of the year-end holidays. Berita politik

“It has to be done, I just said that once OTG (a case of Covid-19 transmission appears), it doesn’t close, that’s all. They (the association) themselves must control and take action against their members,” said Sultan.

“We hope that the community, they themselves have a better awareness in maintaining if they want to visit tourist attractions, malls, restaurants,” he ordered. Berita hari ini

Based on the latest assessment of the pandemic situation, DIY itself is currently in PPKM level 2. All tourist attractions that have been certified CHSE and equipped with the QR code PeduliLindung are allowed to operate with a maximum rule of 25 percent of visitor capacity.

The head of the DIY Tourism Office, Singgih Rahardjo, said that to date, 250 tourist destinations in the region have been allowed to operate.

“If a violation is regulated separately, our commitments, if a cluster is found, action will be taken for a temporary closure. I hope there is none, we have prepared from the SOP side, HR side, handling prokes and also with online ticket reservations,” said Singgih at the Kepatihan Complex.

Through the VisitingJogja reservation application, his party will also monitor various tourist destinations, including by deploying supervisory officers. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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