September 29, 2023

Puan Asks Regional Heads To Honestly Report Covid-19 Data, Whom?

DPR Chair Puan Maharani asked all regional heads to be open about the status of Covid-19 in their regions.

According to Puan, this openness will be useful for determining steps to control Covid-19 in each region.

“Don’t cover up the Covid-19 status in the area. If the red (zone) says red, don’t look as if it’s healthy, that’s what we have to overcome, because the implication will endanger all residents, ”said Puan, in Jakarta, Friday (28/5/2021).

The PDI-P politician hopes that all levels of government understand this because the control and handling of Covid-19 must be carried out together.

The regional government must immediately determine the steps for handling and coordinating with related parties if the area is included in the Covid-19 red zone. Berita politik

In line with that, Puan also appealed to local governments to be careful in implementing policies to improve the economy, which creates a great potential for the transmission of Covid-19. He emphasized that health and safety are the main things that must be maintained.

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“The economy is important, but the safety of citizens is the main thing. So you have to be patient,” said the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture.

Puan stated that she would continue to encourage the central government to speed up vaccination until communal immunity (herd immunity) was reached. Berita hari ini

“I ask the regional heads to synergize with the central government. There is no way we can go alone, “he said.

All efforts to control Covid-19, said Puan, would be more effective if they received support from the community. Therefore, he asked the public to remind each other the importance of discipline in carrying out health protocols even though they have been vaccinated. Berita Terkini

“Now traveling must be PCR or antigen, but must still comply with health protocols, wear masks, so that prevention is effective,” he said. Vitamin dan Suplemen

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