September 26, 2023

Task Force Opens Voice on Allegations of Receiving IDR 40 Million from Rachel Vennya

The Covid-19 Handling Task Force spoke about the alleged flow of IDR 40 million from the Rachel Vennya program to the Task Force to avoid quarantine obligations after returning from overseas trips.

Head of the Behavior Change Division of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Sonny Harry B Harmadi said that his party hoped that the police would immediately reveal the case so that it would be clear.


“All of us certainly feel disturbed as if the 40 million was flowing to us. Therefore, further disclosure by the police is very much supported so that it becomes clear,” said Sonny in an official statement, quoted from the page, Friday (12/17/2021). Berita Terkini

Sonny emphasized that the Covid-19 Handling Task Force is not a superbody, because it does not have a field of action. The Task Force does not have enforcement powers. Any violation of the applicable rules, of course, becomes the domain of law enforcement officers.

Sonny also hopes that every element of society can use wisely and make the communication platform belonging to the Covid-19 Handling Task Force and the government a source of official information and reference in education related to Covid-19. Berita politik

He also appealed to the public not to make the communication platform belonging to the Task Force the target of anger regarding violations committed by a number of parties.

“On this occasion, we convey once again so that netizens understand that our social media account @satgaschange behavior has nothing to do with the alleged issues and is purely used as a means of education for the community. Netizens should be wise and support our joint efforts to end the pandemic amidst the challenges leading up to the Nataru holiday and the discovery of the first case of Omicron in Indonesia,” he said.

To note, during a police investigation, it was revealed that celebrity celebrity Rachel Vennya spent Rp40 million to bribe a DPR staff member named Ovelia Pratiwi to get her out of quarantine. Ovelia then stated that the Rp40 million figure was a request from the Covid-19 Task Force. Berita hari ini

Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, said the discovery of the first Omicron case in Indonesia was a warning that all parties must remain vigilant and consistently apply health protocols, without worrying too much.

Wiku stated that the health health protocol is an easy and inexpensive means of prevention for the community to do.

“The condition of the case that tends to be good should not make us neglect and be careless in implementing the health protocol. Given the magnitude of the impact caused by the second spike, let’s together maintain this controlled condition, by applying the discipline of health protocols as the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to prevent transmission,” said Wiku. Vitamin dan Suplemen

He revealed that the government made various efforts to protect the public, including various policy adjustments based on the dynamics of the development of Covid-19 both nationally and globally.

Wiku emphasized that the policy changes from time to time to adjust to the Covid-19 conditions showed that the government was committed to enforcing policies which of course were solely to protect the public from the potential increase in Covid-19 cases.

He asked all elements of society not to be careless and continue to provide themselves with information on the development of handling Covid-19 in Indonesia, so that there are no more violations that have the potential to harm others.

“We ask the whole community to study the applicable policies and adhere to them. This policy is made indiscriminately and enforced to all levels of society as stated and SE Task Force No. 25,” said Wiku.

In this case, Wiku hopes that various violations related to the procedures for preventing the spread of Covid-19 transmission will be carried out according to applicable legal rules and the Task Force will continue to support every legal step set by the apparatus.

“The Covid-19 Task Force handed over the law enforcement process by the authorities. The Task Force hopes that all competent parties will follow up on this case in accordance with the procedures and applicable laws and regulations,” he said.

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