March 23, 2023

The conditions of the victims of child sexual abuse of members of the Bekasi DPRD began to improve

The health condition of PU (15), a victim of child molestation of a member of the Bekasi City DPRD, began to improve after undergoing surgery at the local hospital.

The junior high school youth then received assistance from the Regional Child Protection Commission (KPAD) and the Bekasi City Women and Children Empowerment Service who visited his residence. Berita politik

The victim is given psychological motivation to get rid of the trauma after the sexual abuse and trafficking incident that she experienced while being held by the perpetrator.

“We provide counseling for psychological recovery,” said Head of the Bekasi City Special Section for Child Protection (DP3A), Mini Aminah, Wednesday (21/4/2021).

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According to him, physically the victim’s health gradually improved. However, the victim is said to be still in a state of severe trauma, so assistance is needed to provide psychological motivation. Berita hari ini

“This assessment will later determine the psychological condition of the victim and their parents,” said Mini.

Not only the victim, the parents also received assistance from the KPAD and DP3A of Bekasi City. This assistance is expected to be able to heal the trauma experienced.

“It is hoped that the trauma due to violence and other actions can be resolved,” he added.

So far the police have examined the statements of three witnesses, including the victim’s parents. Meanwhile, PU still cannot be asked for information because it is still heavily traumatized.

Forced to Serve Mashered Men

Previously, a shocking fact was presented by the victim to the Regional Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAID) in Bekasi City. He admitted that while being held captive, he was forced to serve a masher by the perpetrator, AT (21). Berita Terkini

PU admitted that in a day they are forced to serve four to five mashered men. The perpetrator offers the victim’s services through the MiChat application, while including photos of the victim.

“From the results of the interview, it turned out that the child was a victim of trafficking (child trafficking). The victim’s confession, in a day serving 4 to 5 people,” said Bekasi City KPAD Commissioner Novrian.

According to him, the practice of prostitution was carried out in a boarding house rented by the perpetrator in the Sepanjang Jaya area, Rawalumbu, where the victim was held. Vitamin dan Suplemen

“The perpetrator is conducting the negotiations. The confession (victim) of each customer was withdrawn Rp. 400 thousand, the money was in the hands of the perpetrator,” said Novrian.

The victim also admitted that he often received physical violence from the perpetrator if he refused to serve customers. Victims who are helpless, can only surrender and obey the perpetrator’s orders.

“Obviously there is real manipulation, because children are people who are not mature enough psychologically and socially,” he concluded.

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