May 28, 2023

Total Lunar Eclipse May 26, What Phenomena Will Happen?


Indonesian people can witness the astronomical phenomenon of the Total Lunar Eclipse (GBT) on Wednesday (26/5/2021) evening at around 18.18 WIB.

Head of the Center for Technical Seismology, Potential Geophysics and Time Signs of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Rahmat Triyono said this eclipse is safe to witness.

“The total lunar eclipse can be witnessed if the weather is cloudy and safe for the public to witness,” said Triyono as quoted by, Tuesday (25/5/2021). Berita politik

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun-earth-moon align. What will happen during the Total Lunar Eclipse (GBT)?

What happens during a total lunar eclipse?

Researcher at the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Pussainsa, Andi Pangerang, explained that during a lunar eclipse, the sun’s rays will be scattered towards the red spectrum, known as the Blood Moon. Berita hari ini

“Therefore, the umbra (main shadow) of the earth looks reddish,” he told, Tuesday (25/5/2021).

Then when the moon is at the intersection of the ecliptic and its orbit, or it is also called the moon at the vertex of the moon, then the moon enters the earth’s shadow causing a lunar eclipse.
Moon color

But he also said that total lunar eclipses do not always appear red. This condition depends on the air quality at the place of the observer. Berita Terkini

Andi explained that when the air is clean or the sky is free from light pollution, the earth’s shadow that the moon enters will appear blood red (slightly brownish).

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But when the air is densely polluted and there is light pollution in that place, the shadow of the earth that enters the moon will be slightly orange.

Then during a lunar eclipse, the stars that have been dim (due to moonlight interference) will appear brighter.

“That’s because the source of the interference, namely the moon, becomes dim during an eclipse,” said Andi.


On the other hand, the impact of the lunar eclipse on the sea, according to Andi, is that the tides are greater than usual. Vitamin dan Suplemen

Even so, he said, the water level was still a safe limit, which was less than tens or dozens of meters.

Regarding the impact on the climate such as cold weather he said there was no significant impact.

“According to my observation, (climate change) only occurs during a solar eclipse. For a lunar eclipse it does not affect the climate,” he said.


Andi also said that a total lunar eclipse can occur together with several phenomena, one of which is the supermoon.

“If you want to connect with supermoon, there will be another 2037,” said Andi.

Meanwhile, several Total Lunar Eclipses coincide with Vesak celebrations, namely in 2040, 2050, 2069, and 2071.

There is also a Total Lunar Eclipse which coincides with the Supermoon and Vesak. That is expected to occur in 2199, 2217, and 2394.

In 2003, the lunar eclipse coincided with Waisak, but in Indonesia you could not observe it because the Vesak seconds were noon.

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