September 26, 2023

Viral Security Guard Trials Tap Water with COVID-19 Test Kits, Surprising Results

Recently, the virtual world was shocked by the action of a security guard who tested tap water using the COVID-19 rapid antigen test kit. He does this to find out whether the test equipment used is accurate or vice versa.

The video is now widely circulated in cyberspace and one of them is shared by the Instagram account @smart.gram. The video shows a security guard and two of his colleagues testing the COVID-19 antigen test kit using tap water. Berita politik

In the video, he is shown fetching tap water from the bathroom. The security guard then accommodated him using a mineral bottle. After that, he also tested the antigen test kit which is often used as proof of whether a person is positive or not during the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

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“Is it true that this COVID tool uses tap water, the results are positive? Just pour it, pour it. If the result is positive, it means the device is lying,” said the security guard along with two colleagues.

That was the statement of the security guards when testing the COVID-19 rapid antigen test kit. To prove it, the security guard then poured water into the test kit. They then waited a few seconds to find out the results of the test using the tap water. Berita hari ini

No doubt, to their surprise, the test kit turned out to be positive. It didn’t take long, they seemed surprised to see the results when they found out that the tap water was actually positive.

“Here, see the results. If it’s positive, I don’t want to be swabbed again every week, it’s a lie. Oh, yes, it’s positive. When the tap water has the virus. Positive, it turns out that we were lied to by the seller of the tool, you bastard. -19. Tomorrow, employees don’t want to be tested, they’re lying. The important thing is to buy vitamins. That’s positive,” said the security guards when testing the antigen test kit using tap water. Berita Terkini

The results also surprised the three security guards who tested the test kit. Surprisingly, it didn’t take 15 minutes, the antigen test kit that had been used as a condition for the trip turned out to be positive using tap water.

Now, the video posting which was uploaded on Sunday (25/7/2021) has sparked debate on social media. Some netizens even regretted the testing action carried out by the security guard and were considered to only want to go viral to fool the public. Vitamin dan Suplemen

On the other hand, there are also those who believe in the testing of the security guard in question. Moreover, they considered that the antigen test kit used turned out to be positive using tap water.

“Hahaha, that’s why there is a PCR confirmation check. Just try it on the tap water PCR. Come on, don’t be stupid,” wrote @coronainfo_org.

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