September 29, 2023

Vladimir Putin Dislikes ‘Cancel Culture’, Equates It With Intolerance

Vladimir Putin is suspected of plotting the assassination of his political enemy. Russia’s ‘Eternal President’ has also jailed journalists who criticize his style of government. But now, he is worried about the “cancel culture” which is becoming more and more common. “Racism must be fought, but the ‘cancel culture’ in modern times has turned into reverse discrimination, reverse racism,” said Putin, while attending a Valdai Discussion Club meeting in Sochi. . The Moscow-based think tank is closely associated with Putin. He regularly becomes a speaker every year to discuss Russia’s position in the world. Berita politik

“We can only stare at it happening in countries that have become accustomed to seeing as developed and superior countries,” he continued, citing a translation of the state-run media company Russia Today. “Proponents of so-called social progress believe they bring a new consciousness to humanity… but their actions are nothing new.” Berita Terkini


It is quite confusing to watch one of the most authoritarian leaders in the world warn of the dangers of cancel culture in Russia because his speeches are very similar to those of important figures in the United States who were affected by this boycott practice. Putin even imitated the Republican strategy of using Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. to counter progressive views on race, twist King’s radical views on the greatest evils of society and imperialism into one that views any emphasis on race as divisive. Berita hari ini

“This will only divide the people, even though true civil rights fighters have worked hard to eliminate all these differences,” he said.

As a Russian, Putin feels in a better position to compare some of today’s progressive ideas of social justice with the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

“Incidentally, the Bolsheviks were very intolerant of opinions that differed from what they believed,” he said. “This may remind you of what is happening in the West. It is disconcerting to see that a practice that Russia has long abandoned is still valid in the West.” Vitamin dan Suplemen

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